About us

The Flying Ducks were established in 2015 following discussions between the 2 Dublin based junior ice hockey clubs, Flyers Ice Hockey Club and the Dublin Ducks, about the possibility of merging the 2 teams. This had come about as both teams had collaborated previously several times in games and tournaments. Both the Ducks and Flyers had a number of players but there were deficiencies in the number of children in various age brackets.

Following the Annual General Meetings (AGMs) of both teams the decision was made to consolidate into the Flying Ducks; a name which had already been used to describe the coming together of the "Flyers" and "Ducks". It fitted well and the young players loved it. The merger meant that the team could have greater numbers of players in various categories which meant more age appropriate training and greater numbers in the team.

Since the merger of the teams the Flying Ducks have grown substantially in size, the team jersey, with the outstanding design work of genius Kevin Robert, looks superb and our players, coaches and parents now have a stronger team which has potential to do very well in the sport of ice hockey. Training is conducted now with players within specific age brackets which provides all with the opportunity to develop their skills and grow as players.

So if you are interested in playing for Flying Ducks Ice Hockey Club don't hesitate to Contact us and we will be delighted to give you some information about the club.







White / Blue






White /

Blue Stripes

White /

Blue Stripes



Practice Location:
Mountview Community Centre
Lohunda Downs
Dublin 15
Practice Times:
Junior Inline: Saturday's 9.00 to 12.00